Custom Fitted Permanent Toe Rings

No more pinching with conventional adjustable toe rings


Which Toe should I wear it on? 
Most people wear a toe ring on their second toe.  However, you can have as many rings on as many toes as
you wish!


Will it hurt?
 It can be a little uncomfortable to get the ring over the larger part of the toe initially.  Once it is fitted it may also feel a bit strange for the first 24 hours.  After that you will not even know you are wearing it!


Will it come off? 
The toe ring will be custom fitted to your toe.  It should not easily come off.  If you would like to remove your toe ring please contact us for removal or advice.


Will the rings tarnish?
Chlorine or some products can tarnish the rings.  A good polish with a cloth should rectify this


Who can wear toe rings?

Absolutely anyone!  Young, old, male or female.  Because the toe rings are custom fitted and come in half sizes it shouldn’t be a problem to find the perfect fit.


If you think of any questions not covered on here please contact us.

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